Friday, September 21, 2012

I'll be back!

My apologies for the terribly long hiatus. It's been a very hectic year, swamped with work, and now that I've decided to pursue further studies, I am also swamped with heaps of assignments, revisions and exams. Of course, I still shoot weddings, although my blog and Facebook seriously lack updates. The trend is now everyone shares better on Instagram and so do I. You can find me there @ucingitam, for a much more 'live update' and an 'up close and personal' insight of me.

Well, amidst my busy schedule tahap Ultraman, please pray I have spare 15 minutes somewhere along this life journey just to share my photography work and at the same time to keep this blog alive.

P/s. this one is from a recent assignment in collaboration with my close associates Muiz UHN and Azeez Zainal, an evidence that I am still alive and kicking!


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